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A la Cloche d'Argent

Colombia Supremo Igp

Colombia Supremo Igp

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100% pure arabica from South America

Balanced body / Fragrant & Suave / Aromatic

Its cup is tangy but sweet and aromatic . Its balance is good to the point that it can be consumed pure . Ultimately it is a pleasant coffee which without being grandiose, is good .

Altitude: plantation located between 800 and 1800 m

Species and varieties: Arabica, Bourbon, Typica and Catura

Harvest period: from October to February then from April to June.

Aroma and flavor: a fragrant aroma and a smooth flavor.

Colombia is the leading producer of washed arabisa, its production is around 11 million bags/year . Its coffee is one of the few to be marketed worldwide .

History of coffee supremo:

Introduced in Colombia at the beginning of the 19th century, coffee is grown in the regions that make up the central, eastern and western cordillera. Its designation of origin "Colombian Coffee" is used all over the world. However, this is not due to this promotional effort alone, but can also be explained by the intrinsic qualities of the product .

It is good and constant due to the standardization set up by the Colombian Coffee Federation , which for decades remained the only authorized exporter . Over the past ten years, liberalization has taken place without calling into question the qualitative aspect but by exposing production more to the vagaries of the market.

Secondary characteristics:

Grade: Supreme

Planting: Natural shade

Preparation: Wet process

Drying: Natural (sun) and artificial (ovens)

Sorting: Mechanical then manual

Caffeine content: 1.37%

Bean Color: Bluish

Screen: 18 tolerance 2.5% lower than 18 but higher than 16

Bean Aspect: Regular

Export period: year round

Milling Process: Washed Arabica

Roast: Light or normal

Aroma: Fragrant

Flavor: Sweet

Body: Balanced

Acidity: Light

Location: Central, Eastern and Western Cordillera

Brand: Colombia Supremo Coffee

Classification: 8 to 12 defects / 300 g

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