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Costa Rica Tarrazu Amapola

Costa Rica Tarrazu Amapola

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100% pure arabica from Central America

Powerful body / Floral / Balanced and Intense

Amapola coffee has an intense flavor , has enough body and a sweet acidity on the palate. Its fragrance will make you want a second cup...

Altitude: plantation located from 1200 to 1800 m

Species and varieties: Arabica Caturra, Catuai

Harvest period: between December and February 

Aroma and flavor: a floral aroma and a balanced flavor

Coffee production in Costa Rica dates back to the beginning of the 19th century . Coffee is grown in the Central Valley, the Central Pacific and the South Pacific in the "Valle des General".

History of Amapola Tara Coffee:

Amapola is grown on these steep slopes near Frailes and Bustamante and also in plantations south of Enslaved and Caetago. The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean translates into a permanent spring which is the essential factor in the production of high quality coffee . Everyone knows that this region is proud to be at the forefront of quality research and that it produces one of the best coffees in the world.

The natural beauty of this little paradise has encouraged strict compliance with environmental constraints. The producers and those in charge of the beneficios are very involved in the preservation of the quality of the rivers of crystal clear water and the enchanting setting of its valleys.

Secondary characteristics:

Grade: SHB

Planting: Self shade

Preparation: Wet process

Drying: Natural or artificial (depending on the climate)

Sorting: Electronic or manual

Caffeine content: 1.30%

Bean Color: Bluish

Screen: 70% above 17

Bean aspect: Dense and flat

Milling Process: Washed Arabica / Drum-dried

Production: 4000 bags/year

Roasting: Uniform

Aroma: Floral

Flavor: Well Balanced

Body: Powerful

Acidity: Sharp

Exporter: CECA SA

Benefit: Palmichal

Brand: Amapola Tarrazu

Region: Tarrazu

Location: Frailes, Busta-mante, Aserri and Cartago

Rainfall: 2000 mm/m 2 /year

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