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A la Cloche d'Argent

Guatemala Fancy SHB Huehuetenango La Capellania

Guatemala Fancy SHB Huehuetenango La Capellania

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100% pure arabica from Central America

Balanced body / Floral (Jasmine) / Pleasant flavor / Chocolatey

Floral notes of jasmine , with a chocolate scent , sweet acidity, a balanced body and a citrus aftertaste in the mouth.

Altitude: Plantation located between 1950 and 2300 m

Species and varieties: Arabica Typicala

Harvest period: between September and April

Aroma and Flavor: A floral aroma and balanced flavor

In Guatemala, the culture of coffee comes from a long tradition for 150 years . Today, it represents the second resource of the country after tourism.

History of Café Typica La Hermosa

Our microlot comes from Finca La Hermosa, which is located in Aldea Los Planes, Acetenango, in the Chimalte-nango region, at an altitude between 1980 and 2280 m above sea level.

This 180-hectare farm produces coffees of several botanical varieties, including typica (50% of production). It benefits, for its water supply, from three sources, as well as the river " Rio des Carmen" , and rich volcanic soils since it is located not far from the Fuego volcano.

Secondary characteristics:

Grade: SHB Fancy

Planting: Natural shade

Preparation: wet process

Drying: Natural (patio soles)

Sorting: Mechanical, electronic and manual

Caffeine content: 1.32%

Bean Color: Brilliant bluish

Screen: 16 or more

Bean Aspect: Large

Milling Process: washed Arabica, fermentation 36h (without water)

Roasting: Uniform

Aroma: Floral

Flavor: Good

Body: Balanced

Acidity: Mild

Scent: Chocolatey

Brand: La Hermosa

Owner: Max Fernando Rios

Region/ Chimaltenango

Rainfall and T°: 1500 to 1800 mm/m2/year - 15-25 C°

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