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A la Cloche d'Argent

Hard Bean Peru

Hard Bean Peru

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100% pure arabica from South America

Excellent body / Soft / Pleasant / Chocolatey

The cup is tangy with excellent body , good length in the mouth and a light chocolate flavor . Mild coffee , which can easily substitute for Central Americans.

Altitude: Plantation located between 1200 and 1500 m

Species and varieties: Arabica, Typica, Pache, Caturra, Catimor, Catual, Grand Colomia and CR 900

Harvest period: April to September

Aroma and flavor: a mild aroma and a pleasant flavor

The first coffee plants were introduced to Peru in around 1760. With fertile ground for its development , coffee has become Peru's leading export product .

History of Hard Bean Coffee:

Initially in the region of Cusco and Huanuco, coffee cultivation then spread to all the coffee-growing areas favorable to its development.

The botanical species present are numerous, such as: the Typica, the Pache, the Caturra and the Catimor . Due to the spread of rust, species such as Gran Colombia, Costa Rica 900 and Catuai , which are more resistant, have appeared in the country. Coffee is omnipresent and the altitude of cultivation extends from 800 to 2000 m , on 95% shaded sites . High-end coffees like the Hard Bean from Peru, grown at an altitude between 1200 and 1500 m .

Secondary characteristics:

Grade: HB

Planting: Shady

Preparation: Wet process

Drying: Natural (sun)

Sorting: Manual and electronic

Caffeine content: 1.20%

Bean Color: Bluish

Bean Aspect: Beautiful

Export period: July

Milling Process: Washed Arabica

Aroma: Sweet

Flavor: Pleasant

Body: Excellent

Acidity: Light

Scent: Chocolate

Brand: Hard Bean

Bag weight: 69 kg

Tare: 1 kg

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