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Mocha Sidamo Washed Grade 2 from Ethiopia

Mocha Sidamo Washed Grade 2 from Ethiopia

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100% pure arabica from Africa

Subtle body / Suave / Fine flavor / Fruity (Apricot)

Its cup results from the combination of the best flavors of the coffees of this region, characterized by a subtle body combining finesse and excellent mouthfeel .

Altitude: plantations located from 1500 to 1800 m

Species & Varieties: Arabica Coffea Arabica

Harvest period: between November to January

Aroma & Flavor: a sweet aroma and a fine flavor

The coffees produced and exported from this origin are from the Coffea Arabica variety , which is the base of all Arabica varieties used in the world.

History of Sidamo Washed Grade 2 Coffee:

The coffee produced under the name Sidamo Grade 2 is grown and harvested a little north of Yrgacheffe which is the village of origin of the eponymous coffees. Suffice to say that Sidamo coffees are very similar in cup appearance and aroma to this great coffee.

Its preparation is carried out using the wet method, with a basic quality so good that manual sorting makes it possible to obtain coffees with an irreproachable appearance.

Secondary characteristics:

Planting: Natural shade

Preparation: Wet process

Drying: Natural (sun)

Sorting: Manual

Caffeine content: 1.37%

Bean Color: Bluish

Bean aspect: Small, regular and dense

Milling Process: Washed Arabica

Export period: From December or January

Aroma: Sweet

Flavor: Fine

Body: Subtle

Acidity: Light

Fragrance: Apricot

Location: North of the village of Yrgacheffe

Brand: Sidamo Grade 2

Production: 50,000 t/year

Weight Bag: 60 kg

Tare: 800 g

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